Pregame: Illinois vs Missouri, Saturday, December 23rd, 7:00pm CT, ESPN2

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Illinois vs Missouri (Scottrade Center, St. Louis, MO)
Saturday, December 23rd
7:00pm CT

You watch we figure out how to win this game. Being an Illini fan is just so freaking exhausting sometimes.
Hopefully fans come out in full force. The only thing worse than losing to Miznoz is losing to Miznoz while there half of the stadium is full and ours has a bunch of empty seats.
Glad I saw all Lou's teams play, and 2005, makes all this new year look alot brighter. We will get back to being the team everyone wants to beat but can't. Bragging rights game is always good.
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I don't think I can take another close loss at this point. We need to win one of these things eventually, right?
Woodridge, IL
Win this, I’ll forgive the other losses. Can’t stand Mizzou.
Captain 'Paign
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Disagree. Any rational person would expect us to lose by 5. This team will put it all together, we all hope sooner than later.
I'd like to think that but feel we just don't match up well with these guys. I do hope we put put up a good fight, though, and am pleasantly surprised.
Really hope we beat Misery . Can't stand them or Cuonzo
North Bethesda, Maryland
I agree with the others who do not think we "get killed." There is nothing in our season that demonstrates that we can't compete...getting the win is something else. I just hope this is the game we come out on the winning side of a close one.
This is a team that is still displaying an awful lot of Groce habits... I think playing to the competition is one of them. We play it close but in the end get done in by too many whistles on us and a lack of a response to Tilmon and Porter in the paint.

But you better believe I'll be shouting myself hoarse for the O&B when I'm there.
I agree with the others who do not think we "get killed." There is nothing in our season that demonstrates that we can't compete...getting the win is something else. I just hope this is the game we come out on the winning side of a close one.
Gort, spot on!! Well stated.
Only have attended once, but that year was like many years for this game, the team that ya think is going to win doesn't..
-Really going to need Kipper healthy for this one.

-Who can stay on the court longer between Leron and Tilmon might be the key to the game. Unfortunately, in rivalry games refs like to get whistle happy to prevent things from getting too physical. I would be surprised if they don't play a big factor in this one.

It seems like downstate guys like to show up big in this game. I remember Tyler Griffey hitting some big shots, and I don't think Malcolm ever lost a Braggin Rights game. So I guess I'll predict Mark Smith gets turnt and has 22 pts plus puts someone on a poster, pointing to his buddy E.J. Liddell after he jams it.:illinois:
Oh yeah, are we booing Tilmon every time he touches the ball? Personally, I have no ill will toward the guy but it would still be fun and add another factor into the rivalry.
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our best defense against NMSU was zone....could be the way to neutralize their height advantage and get some breakouts for some easy baskets...

tired of coming up short on these close games....also need some new inbounds plays
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If the refs allow the same physical game Leron was able to play against UNMS, then I think he will do some damage against Tilmon and co. If not, it is going to be very difficult in the paint.

Where I think we need to succeed is in getting more drives out of our guards. I always feel that DMW is just on the cusp of blowing up. It may not happen this year, but eventually, I really think he is going to be a potential game changer.
I had every expectation that Braggin' Rights was going to be a close game. NMSU game made me reconsider. We have some serious flaws as a team, and are liable to get out-talented in a big way Saturday.

Good news is that we have a week to practice inbound plays.
I’ll be pretty embarrassed if Illini fans boo Tilmon. Hopefully we just root for the Illini to shut him down and come back to Champaign with a big win.
We often forget that these are Kids. What exactly did Tilmon do wrong? Losing him hurt, but that happens when you get rid of the coach that recruited him (a move that needed to happen). Then, our bone head fans come out and make statements like “We don’t want him, he doesn’t fit B.U.s system anyways, etc. That then migrated to personal attacks and calling him a traitor. He is 18. Now we are goimg to boo him? What do we have to gain? Why give them any more fuel? Why allow this story to further fester on the national scene, give reporters something to talk about, highlight how we treat former recruits (which will be exaggerated), and bad mouth them. This program is going through an image issue right now. We need to take the high road and show that we are above that.
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