Pregame: Illinois vs Nebraska, Monday, February 24th, 7:00pm CT, BTN

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looking for some gameday advice for the Indiana game. Bringing the family their first game and haven't been to assembly hall in probably 15 years. Have a prepaid parking spot in E14 - any advice on easiest driving route around the Hall and just how early we should get there (kids are 8 and 5 so trying to avoid as much downtime as possible) given the sellout?
I've attended more games this year than at anytime since the 1980's. I always stay at the I Hotel just 1 block south of the SFC. It's a 3-4 minute walk to the nearest gate from there. Outdoor parking is free/complimentary at the hotel. It seems like the hotel allows parking for non-guests (at a fee) starting perhaps an hour before the game. BTW, Papa Del's now has a really large restaurant on Neil -- just a 5 minute drive away. Kirby to Neil and then north 2-3 blocks.
Underwood: Nice to get the losing streak snapped and get Ayo back, find a positive flow. Our grit, our toughness won us that game.

Underwood: Days off came at a great time. Great time for Ayo. He was sore and you find out quickly how you get out of shape.

Underwood: Great timing for me. I had the flu for three days, was in bed. "Today was the first day I felt amongst the living."

Underwood: Fred Hoiberg "doing an unbelievable job." Nebraska is better than its record. One of the elite offensive teams in the conference. One of the best cutting teams in the conference.

Underwood: Nebraska "has had moments against everybody." Can score it easily from three.

Underwood: Frazier makes the hard ones. He misses some of easier ones sometimes. We want him to take hard ones sometimes. I don't worry about Trent.

Underwood: Ayo Dosunmu said he was tired after the PSU game. Conditioning was tougher than soreness.

Underwood: Da'Monte Williams has great lower body strength. People don't realize how strong Da'Monte is. He's got great, great, great length. He plays bigger than his size.

Underwood: Challenged Kofi to rebound. Had a stretch where he wasn't giving a second effort. Maybe it was fatigue or me playing him too many minutes. His mindset has been different. Want him to be selfish to go get every rebound.

Underwood: Ignores Big Ten and NCAA seeding. "It's exciting to be in the talk," but it's a waste of my energy to focus on it when so much can change.

Only Maryland has less losses. Win out and we can’t finish worse than 2nd. Shouldn’t be a problem should it?
Defense needs to come ready to play and be physical. Nebraska can shoot the 3 if they get open looks. We should control the boards and interior.
This is a game that GB should thrive in. This is a small, not overly athletic Nebraska team. If he doesn't put numbers up in these next two games....I'm afraid he'll really have to be limited in his minutes. After these, he's right back in the hot seat vs quality Big Ten big men.

Very, very rough year to date.
Tate asked Underwood Saturday about Giorgi’s minutes going forward. Of course he was non-commital, but the indication was he would backing up Kofi more than playing with him. I think Underwood would like to keep Kofi’s minutes a bit lower and push him harder while he’s in. At least that’s my interpretation of what he said.
This could be a trap game so I hope we come out fast and get a lot of momentum going. Hopefully the 6 days rest means Ayo is closer to 100%.
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We need to get our motor running early and avoid the " go thru the motions" perimeter weave. Head to the basket and get our juices flowing. We play much better when we are aggressive. Once we are in high gear our half court offense performs much better.
Only Maryland has less losses. Win out and we can’t finish worse than 2nd. Shouldn’t be a problem should it?
I can see them losing 2 of the next four: @Minnisota, Michigan State, @Rutgers, and Michigan.
Trap Game !!!! Start shooting at the State Farm Center now!! It is normal to look at the next 2 games as easy, ... and it is hard to put any B10 team away. If we can come out with a killer instinct and end it early, this will prove we've made it to another level in our growth as a top 25 team.
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This is the only game left that I feel real confident in. After that I can see anywhere between 4-0 and 2-2.
This is the only game left that I feel real confident in. After that I can see anywhere between 4-0 and 2-2.
After how I've seen us play at home this year, I'm never confident. The Penn State game seems to have erased the memory of the four games that proceeded it.

I know we're 26 games in, but they still have to prove to me that they're capable of not creating problems for themselves.... especially at home. This is a game where we're favored by 14 by 20. No stress.
Victory this evening pulls us into tie for second place. Ohio State and Michigan seemed to have turned it around and are playing extremely well Maryland goes 2 and 2. Illini go 5 and 0. Tie for conference championship. Underwood Coach of the Year. Hopes springs eternal.

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Home game. 13.5 point favorite. We just have to not overlook Nebraska and take care of business tonight.
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The Huskers are soft inside and have a poor defensive record against 2 pt shots. Take it inside, get it to Kofi and Giorgi and pound the boards. They are also poor on the boards.
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