Robert Archibald passes away

Easily my favorite Illini when I was growing up. Way bummed to see this news.
Arch was always my favorite Illini even through the Dee Brown years. Wore 21 all the way through grade school and high school because of him. Rest easy big man thanks for the memories.
Terrible news if true. Great player. Didn't know him personally, but will always have fond memories of his playing days even when he was getting fouls on illini message boards years after he was playing. Thanks for the memories big guy!

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Hopefully the referees up there are a little more fair than the referees during the Elite 8 game in 2001. Arch put up 25 in 24 minutes all while being in foul trouble. RIP big man.
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Oh, no. This is truly tragic. Way too early to lose this great Illini and young family man. My thoughts and prayers are with his family...
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Wow. All the best to his family.
I remember going to a U of I basketball camp when I was a kid and Arch pulled up in a car way to small for him, got out and signed everything for me and a bunch of kids. Taken way too soon.
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RIP Arch, condolences to the Archibald family, prayers be with you all.
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Cool dude. Ran into him and Krupalija a couple times at campus bars and they were both super friendly with high fives all around. Sorry to hear this sad news
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RIP Arch! Was the definition of Senior breakthrough Illini season when I was growing up.
I met him about in about 2009 when working at a cellphone store in Bloomington. He was in with his family and I got to chat with him for a bit. It was nice.


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Was just watching his Arizona game on YouTube. RIP Arch! You were a beloved Illini! He had a great senior year leap.
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Sad to hear. He'll always be remembered by Illini fans.