Robert Archibald passes away

Always Illini
Central Illinois
Very sad news. Thoughts go out to his young family. Never heard a bad word about Arch.
Wow, this really, really sucks. I wonder what happened? :(
Will always remember the Elite 8 game against Zona in 2001 - one of the great individual performances in Illini history.
I ran into Arch after one of the awful UC games maybe 6 or 7 years back. We were both walking to the same bar, he was super friendly, took some pictures, we talked about the Olympics and I distinctly remember referring to the English team, and he gave me a hard time, because he's Scottish and it was the British team. Too young.
Man what a hard working dude, made the most of his talent. This season has been so uplifting in so many ways to lose the ARCH so young makes me so sad thanks for everything and prayers to the family
Captain 'Paign
Phoenix, AZ
Condences to his family and friends and all of Illini Nation. I had the good fortune of being a student at the same time as him. Saw him around campus all the time. Great guy.
the Front Range
I remember seeing him rush the floor after Griffey’s game winner against Indiana. He has such a huge smile. This one hurts b cause he is so young and close to my age. What the heck happened? Does anyone know?

Last weekend several former illini came back to campus and Arch usually came back for those events but didn’t this year.
God is calling a foul on Arch as we post. What a sad day for me. I never met Arch but he brought me many happy memories watching the Illini back then. My prayers go out to his family and friends. Rest in Peace.
Cary, IL
Very nice man, met him at an annual social event. I introduced myself the first time, he remembered me the following years. Always happy to talk Illini.
This is so sad. Arch was a great Illini. Enjoyed watching him and his maturation from a foul prone frosh to a self-assured contributor on some great Illini Team's. RIP
Rockford, Illinois

This photo hits me REALLY hard; two basketball players, both memorable to their fans, both young family men, both gone too soon...