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Big or more like HUGE win after a disappointing loss! Not to "poop on the parade", but I wonder why Griffey continues to get as much tick as he does.

Griffey: 23 minutes; 1-7fg/0-6 3PFG; 4rbs; 2pts
Henry: 10minutes; 1-2 3PFG; 2rbs; 3pts

I am not sure how to translate Henry's game into Griffey's minutes, but maybe someone better at statistics than me can complete it (my guess 6-7pts, 4-5 rbs)

Again not trying to kill the energy, but Griffey has struggled a LOT lately.
I like Henry as much as anyone, but he went in for a few minutes in the second half and seemed to play extremely sloppy. He had 2 turnovers in short succession including getting baited into a steal trying to back Craft into the post. So, Henry will see more minutes if he plays smarter and tightens up his game, perhaps you could call it 'court sense' or soemthing. Those turnovers are like 4 point swings when the other team scores. It totally made sense when Groce sat him after that.
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