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Everything I have heard is that he is around 200-210. Scout has him listed as 6'8" and 205.
it is very hard to guess a guys weight by looking at him on the floor. If you have ever watched a UFC event you will see two fighters in the same weight class announced and one just looks so much thicker than his opponent and yet they are the same weight. With all three sites having him from 200-210, I am sure that is about right. And again, I think the weight thing is vastly overrated in many cases. If you are a Jared Sullinger type player you need the weight because you play below the rim and need that weight to move opponents for position, however, if you are a Rodney Williams type player who is an above the rim guy you rebound on athleticism and jumping ability so the weight not nearly as important and there seems to be less below the rims guys at the 4 that are stars. Again the best 4 on the planet is Kevin Durant and no one weighs less than he does on that 6'9"/6'10" frame. Heck our flying Illini in Kenny Battle and Lowell Hamilton had no problem rebounding and being very productive inside and neither of them was a George Montgomery type.
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