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Most memorable basketball game you have attended?

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Originally Posted by jcgoldie View Post
I have two.

Probably the most exhausting was the triple overtime game in St.Louis that we lost to Mizzou. Kiwane Garris was a freshman and finished with around 30 pts I believe. He drew a foul at the end of OT 2 with the score tied and no time on the clock. All he had to do is hit one of two. Norm Stewart cleared his entire bench and lined them up at half court to heckle him as he shot them, I've never seen that done before or since and still don't know why it was allowed. Needless to say he missed both and Mizzou went on a 3 point binge in the third OT and we lost by 1. Garris went on to be a career 90% FT shooter and I don't think I ever saw him miss 2 in a row again. I was just completely drained after that game because there were so many runs on both sides and you spent the entire game trying to outscream the Mizzou fans.

The other was the Kaufman game against Iowa at AH in the early 90s alluded to by the OP. I remember Keene hitting one as time ran down to tie the game after a big Illini comeback. Then Iowa got a gift as they missed a last second shot and the rebound caromed off Deon's shoulder and into the hoop. The buzzer sounded and hawkeyes ran into the locker room and you could have heard a pin drop in the Hall as we appeared to have just lost after making a big run to end the game and fallen just short. Then the officials conferred and put 1.5 seconds back on the clock. They got the squaks back on the floor after like 5 minutes and Kaufman hit the shot from halfcourt. It was pandemonium people were skipping and jumping and whooping and hollering all the way into the parking lot on a sunny cold sunday afternoon. I never saw the Assembly Hall that elated. Of course it occurred right on the heels of the whole Satan affair with Deon so the Iowa hatred was at its peak.

Of course another all time fave game which I wasnt in attendance for was Nick Anderson's shot in Indiana. The Hoosiers had Jay Edwards who had hit all these game winning buzzer beaters. I was just a kid and I remember my Dad throwing the remote across the room and storming out cussing when he hit that one to end that game and give them the lead. Of course there was 2 seconds left and by the time Dad cooled off a bit and came back in the Illini were rolling around on "the other Assembly Hall" floor and celebrating Nicks shot. I never let him live that down that he missed the end like that haha!
The game was tied when Nick hit the shot.
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The elite eight game against Arizona has been my greatest by far.
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Originally Posted by jms397 View Post
The elite eight game against Arizona has been my greatest by far.
Without question - greatest game to witness ever. It was not only an incredible game, but it was deafening. It was by far the greatest sporting event I have ever witnessed.
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My was at the wrong Assembly Hall....lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the time and my dad and I drove through the snow on the way to Bloomington in March of 1989. He somehow got two student tickets to the game and we had to pay a $10 extra fee to attend the game. Didn't have the courage to wear Illini clothes, but I had on the only blue shirt in the place that day.

When Jay Edwards hit that rainbow j to tie the game, the place was as loud as any sporting event I've attended. When Nick hit the 30 footer at the buzzer to win it, all I could hear was the players on the court screaming. I took a photo with my Kodak disc camera two seconds after the shot went in and there are 38 people with their hands on their heads in the IU crowd. (Got to find that photo at my mom's house.) We drove home through an even worse ice storm and laughed the whole way back.

Got home and watched the game over and over again. Recreated that shot many times in gyms (well...it took me about 20 shots to hit it...Nick drained it the first time.)

In the words of Dickie V...who hadn't yet jumped the shark then.....I CAN'T BELIEVE IT NOW....
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My friend's friend's friend had C-section tickets for last Tuesday's Ohio State game, but happened to receive really cheap floor tickets instead from another friend. So, with two C-section tickets available, he met up with us about 5 minutes before the game started and gave me TWO free tickets in a great C-section spot pretty low. Not expecting much from the game, he gave me to them for nothing. Then I witnessed the greatest game I've ever been to. That crowd atmosphere was just so electric, it was the best game I've ever attended. Go Illini.
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Originally Posted by PeoriaSteve View Post
The game was tied when Nick hit the shot.
You are correct. I think my pops stormed out because Edwards shot was a jumper along the baseline and he assumed it was a 3.
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