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    Ayo Dosunmu to the Chicago Bulls (2nd Round, 38th Pick)

    Can someone explain the hype around Franz Wagner? 12PPG with an average of 31.5 minutes per game? Not overly explosive or athletic. 32% 3ptFG%. I dont get it.
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    Conference Realignment

    One of the big factors not yet mentioned here is TV markets. It's no secret Big Ten acquired Rutgers and Maryland for the TV markets in NYC and DC. That's the big reason Georgia Tech is always brought up (including academics) is the Atlanta TV revenue. Most of the Big 12 names come from...
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    Conference Realignment

    Don't think Big Ten would go after anyone in Big 12 if Texas was not included. More likely that Big Ten will go after schools in ACC like Florida State or North Carolina. Academics also play a big factor in conference realignment for Big Ten
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    Kofi Cockburn in the transfer portal

    I'm guessing this means that all our chips are in on Kofi. No other backup options at this point with the Obanor news.
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    Coaching Carousel

    Love your take
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    Coaching Carousel

    There's a difference between having assistants poached to be assistants at other schools VS. assistants leaving for head-coaching jobs.
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    Ayo Dosunmu declares for the NBA Draft

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    Adam Miller transfers to LSU

    My only thought is that perhaps from his perspective, he doesn't want to be recruited over in the transfer portal. Maybe he's just doing this in order to protect himself in case he doesn't like the playing time he sees after a full team is formed. Maybe some of the insiders can speak on this...
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    3/18 Games

    Agreed. Don't think there's anything wrong with what Izzo did. However, it did look like a lot of locker room drama and finger pointing between the players. From a recruits standpoint, gotta imagine that's not a good look.
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    Illinois scores top two most highly viewed games of the basketball season

    Yes. That probably factored in. But the second highest watched game was our semi-final match against Iowa.
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    B1G Conference Title to be awarded based upon winning %

    Even if you consider Michigan has a 80% chance to win each of its 3 games (conservative estimate), 80% * 80% * 80% = 51.2% chance to win all 3 games. Share the title if Illini are 0.5 games ahead as of Sunday.
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    Ayo Dosunmu suffers facial injury

    The sad part is, if Kofi fell to the floor holding his head, he would have been charged the flagrant foul.
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    Michigan State 81, Illinois 72 Postgame

    A question for the readers that understand the X's and O's of basketball much better than I do: One thing I haven't noticed being mentioned here was the defense on pick and rolls. It seemed to me like we were always going over the ball screen allowing the ball carrier to drive the lane and...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Northwestern

    This might be the end of the double double streak for Kofi just due to lack of minutes.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Rutgers

    I just see a bunch of Rutgers players flopping and the refs eating it up.