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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    Still think the most important recruit Illinois is after is Adam Miller. I have no inside info so idk if the relationship is just broken--but assuming it's not I don't see who can offer him more opportunity and exposure as a featured player than Illinois. Nor do I see who we can land that can...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    Yeah but does the kid follow Brad Underwood's daughters?
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    If you drew a Venn diagram of people who wouldn't take Miller back and the people who wouldn't take (random 3 star recruit our staff really likes), it would be a circle. We're not successful enough of a program to act like we're too good for talent.
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    Adam Miller enters transfer portal

    As Frank Pentangeli from the Godfather said: "Your father did business with AAU coaches, he respected AAU coaches... but he never trusted AAU coaches."
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    Ayo Dosunmu suffers facial injury

    Get him a black mask and we'll be unstoppable. Villian Ayo will not take no for an answer
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (February 2021)

    Even if Melendez commits, I dont necessarily think we'd be out on Burnett. What's more important imo is Ayo, Trent, and Damonte. If all 3 leave, Curbelo, Miller, and Grandy would all be penciled in for full workloads in the guard/wing spot, but there's still a lot of rotation minutes up for...
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    Ohio State 87, Illinois 81 Postgame

    Not gonna lie, I'm pretty close to hitting the panic button. Obviously the SOS is very high and they dont have a bad loss yet, but it's time to start winning these games against strong competition. If you keep contextualizing these as "good losses" the end result is gonna be getting bounced in...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (November 2020)

    I'm not gonna worry about Underwood and recruiting until and unless he loses a recruit to Coastal Carolina
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Wisconsin

    So when do we get to expect actual results from Lovie? Cuz from the outside looking in this program is no better off than we were when he took over. We've spent 4 years giving him a pass while he got "his guys" (ie the worst recruiting class in the B1G every year) and yet here we are. I...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (October 2020)

    When you're in college Fridays and Mondays are basically just the weekend. We're good folks!
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (October 2020)

    At this point just wake me up when spring signing day is over lol
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    Ayo Dosunmu: MRI showed no structural damage

    I'll take a guess and say the Northwestern game on the 27th. Knee hypertensions can still take like 2+ weeks for swelling and pain to subside, and it would be unwise to push it given the point in the season (and given the fact that it seems he dodged a bullet). Not a doctor though
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    Illini Basketball 2019-2020

    Honestly I hope Kipper leaves, I am all the way out on him. Nothing personal but at this point he's just not part of where this program is heading. Yes he has the ability to randomly go off for 20, but the problem is that he only does that once or twice a season, and in the meantime he gets...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Indiana

    Honestly, the way him and Tevian have been used this year has been infuriating. Don't get me wrong, I like what BU is doing, but to me those guys should be viewed as relatively important pieces moving forward, and instead due to lack of playing time I wouldn't be shocked if either decided to...