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    The Illinois Coaching Search

    + 100000000:chief::usa:
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    John Groce Fired

    Sad Day I truly hope everyone keeps it classy. While I am in agreement with the decision, I respect Coach Groce for how he handled himself while representing the ILLINI. I hope that who ever the new coach maybe, he's able to keep the recruiting class in tact. :chief::usa:
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April-June 2016)

    +1. I like the way kids bounce off him after contact. Like seeing him in the # 11 jersey! Maybe a Dee connection?:chief::usa:
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April-June 2016)

    His younger brother has already gave Washington a Verbal, so there's a pretty good chance he will as well. His High School team played in a sectional game during the state playoffs here in Warrenton. Kid is legit!! :chief::usa:
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    2005 Illinois-Arizona Elite 8 Game

    JG needs to make a highlight video of this game and show to recruits. Really sell hard the all Illinois players and you're class is next to make it happen.:chief::usa:
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    Purdue 89, Illinois 58 POSTGAME

    I agree they didn't look very sharp.I'm sure playing the third game in three days played a Hugh part in that. Tired legs against a Purdue team playing their first game.:chief::usa:
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    Lovie Smith Named Illinois Football Coach

    Rosenbloom is a major Jack Wagon!!! :chief::usa:
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (January-March 2016)

    The local Sports talk radio show here in St Louis, had Tupper on discussing the Lovie hire, subject switched to basketball and Tupper basically said Illinois was in excellent shape with both Goodwin, and Tillman. Refereed to the 17 class as a poor mans Fab 5. Said JW has plans to meet with the...
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    Illinois 110, Rutgers 101 (3OT) POSTGAME

    What's with him asking the players if it's scary to play in games like this??? I've heard him ask several players that before. :chief::usa: