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    2021 Chicago White Sox

    And his streak ends at 8. May never see such an accomplishment again.
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    4/3 Games - The Final Four

    Game clock stops after a basket under 1 minute in the second half (and apparently OTs as well).
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    Illini Volleyball

    Hopefully an indication of things looking up for next season. Will it be back in the fall? That's, what, only 4 or so months away?
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    Coaching Carousel

    Confirmed by this Tribune article about the expected promotion:
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    NCAA Tournament

    Part of this can be explained by the fact that the Sweet 16 games were Saturday/Sunday this year instead of the usual Thursday/Friday.
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    3/28 Games

    And that's why you foul up 3 with less than 7 seconds.
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    3/27 Games

    Loyola University Chicago
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    3/22 Games

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    3/21 Games

    My my Loyola has a really good chance of making another Final Four.
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    3/21 Games

    OSU-OSU a rare foul fest in this tournament. Weird to see after the first few days of the tourney.
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    3/21 Games

    Don't forget Maryland!
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    3/21 Games

    Oops. Cool to see the Houston player balling out with the injury though.
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    Loyola Chicago 71, Illinois 58 Postgame

    It will be interesting to see how teams that make it to the Final Four handle the Indy Bubble, especially if it's a Big Ten team since they've been there a week longer. In hindsight, I'm surprised they didn't compress the tournament timeline.
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    3/21 Games

    Texas Tech missed two bunnies in the waning seconds while down 2 to Arkansas. The Razorbacks are in the S16.