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    Illinois 87, Iowa 83 Postgame

    My man, let me tell you, A LOT of people both here and in the game thread.
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    Illinois 87, Iowa 83 Postgame

    Trent said to JoBo, "not tonight, my guy." Exceptional defense.
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    12/6 Games

    Someone posted this before the game started: "Last April the Gators played FAMU in baseball and the coaches agreed ahead of time that they would end the game early if it was a blowout. Maybe they should do the same with this game." Pure schadenfreude. Thank you for sharing.
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    Illinois 87, Iowa 83 Postgame

    We had serious trouble getting Kofi the ball in the first half, partially because Iowa played some solid defense on him. The second half was a different story, though, and our All-American took over for long stretches. His ability to hit free throws and pass out of the post has completely...
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    Illinois 87, Iowa 83 Postgame

    Monte and Trent finally win in Iowa City. Could not be happier for them or us! It wasn’t always pretty, but I loved it. A heck of a roadkill and quad 1 win.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

    Kofi's free-throw shooting is a godsend and changes the game entirely. Plus, his passing has been outstanding. It's unfortunate some of those opportunities haven't been converted.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

    Compare this to the Cincy first half. This time, we took their best punch, adjusted, and reclaimed the lead. Solid bit of improvement and maturity there. Now we gotta get Kofi involved in the offense. And these refs are really letting them play, for better or worse.
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    12/6 Polls

    Not gonna lie, I had no clue and that's kinda wild for both Purdue and Maryland.
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    12/6 Polls

    Annoying, but not surprising. Go 2-0 this week and we're easily back in.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Iowa, Monday, December 6th, 6:00pm CT, FS1

    Despite the inauspicious first few games, I would be vehemently against redshirting Belo. We have the most dominant big man in the NCAA, senior leadership, and a team that's gonna continue to improve. There's enough talent there to make a run this season, but we need André, too. Don't let the...
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    Week 14 Games

    Kirby Smart in the mirror after this game...
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    Illini Volleyball

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    Illinois 86, Rutgers 51 Postgame

    Over the summer, I predicted Alfonso Plummer would be the 6th man of the year in the B1G. Apparently, I'm a fool because it's gonna be real hard for him to win that award if he's starting. I probably had the highest expectations for him on here and damn if he hasn't exceeded them. Scoring talent...
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    Illinois 82, Notre Dame 72 Postgame

    Pure heart by Trent and Jacob playing through injury and sickness. We finally made the extra pass and found the open man. We hit our shots and it made a world of difference for our offense. After an electric start to the second half, the game got closer than any of us wanted. Luckily we sealed...