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    Looking ahead to 2021-2022

    Not sure if Hawkins will start but with the exception of Grandison, he's had more time at the 3/4 spot while the other possible options of BBV or Hutcherson who've played very little. Seems the most likely starting lineup at this moment would be Corbello, Grandison, Hawkins, Payne and, depending...
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    Giorgi Bezhanishvili leaves Illinois to pursue pro opportunities

    You were a bright light for the team and the university Georgi. Wish you the best & hope to see you back in C-U soon.
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    Bret Bielema Intro Press Conference

    Everyone knows that Lou Hernandez is one of the best weight coaches in football. We also know that we had injuries on both sides of the ball particularly on the lines. Did it seem that both our lines were getting over run at times and is that due to younger linemen still in the developmental...
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    The Illinois Coaching Staff Search

    I agree with the new coach's approach to recruiting Illinois. The difficulty with this approach in the past has not been how to evaluate the major schools in the state but assessment of talent in mid to smaller schools. I like the approach of involvement with HS coaches and being candid about a...
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    The Illinois Football Coaching Search

    Much has been said about records as an indicator of potential success. A snapshot of overall record is not necessarily a significant indicator of a coaches value. A couple of these men have taken over programs with poor win/loss records and experience 2-3 years of rebuilding. Changes in scheme...
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    Illinois 77, Ohio 75 Postgame

    We got out bigged and outplayed most of the game. Ohio was generally taller at each position, very well schooled and motivated to play the No 8 team in the country. This game will go down as a teaching moment. Other teams will be watching video and we'll need to prepare accordingly.
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    Illinois 23, Rutgers 20 Postgame

    Mike White may have been one of the best evaluators of passing QB's the past 40 years. He said "In order to be a good passer, you'll need to throw 250 times a day. Your arm will be sore."