1/6 Games


Chad Fleck

Eureka, IL
At this point, I don’t think Michigan has much of a shot at winning the B1G.

Our toughest competition:


So I’d prefer MSU to lose both to Michigan.
We can play Michigan by ear, at least. So definitely root for them on Saturday.
Michigan's in danger of missing the tournament altogether at their current trajectory

Jerry Seinfeld Popcorn GIF by Sheets & Giggles
I don't just want Iowa to lose. I want Iowa to lose...then discover termites in their floorboards, bedbugs in their therapy tables, and overflowing sewage in their showers....and Franny to find he's gone the entire game with his fly unzipped.
This sounds like a Summer Camp from Hell. I’m thinking Fran finds a way to blame: his tailor, the dry-cleaning, or anyone really. He’s too self-important to worry about small details.