11/18 Weekend Games



Washington State
The Ducks’ floor is somehow uglier in person. It took me going to several games before figuring out all the scraggly dark smudges are supposed to be trees.
Wow. I never knew that.
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Eugene, Oregon
Wow. I never knew that.
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Two factors help to explain this abomination:
1) Nike
2) Oregon was the first state to officially decriminalize the possession and personal use of all drugs (I’m told this is an aid to conceptualizing this trippy design) 😵‍💫

No lie: One of their stated intents was to “disorient” the opponent…
No lie: The current version has a more pronounced center line after NCAA refs complained about not being able to distinguish where it should have been.
Floor has been that way for awhile. Oregon is located in beautiful part of the country and their weather isn’t too bad. I take a pacNorthwest winter over a Midwest one
I spent a year at Oregon St and over the years I hear people say, oh I couldn’t live there with all the rain. I then say that the night before I was heading back there from Christmas break, it was one of those freezing cold nights in Chicago area when you’re in your car shivering for 5 minutes until the car completely warms up. Next day early evening I got off the plane in Portland and it was probably 45 degrees with a light drizzle/mist that is so common in Oregon. Take that any day over freezing cold.

As to Oregon floor, I can’t watch more than a few minutes of a U if O. Trying to follow the action on it just about makes me sick. Even stopped trying to watch the Beavers play the Ducks in Eugene.
I was almost going to turn the Oregon-Houston game off immediately when it started. That floor is blinding. Hard on the eyes. Took a little bit to get used to. Ended up not watching the whole game anyways.