2/10 Games

Maybe it’s just PTSD, but most of NW’s losses have been really close. Anyone else not like that they are coming in with a ten game streak?
Might be better for us if Iowa wins this one.
While not rooting for them, I'm glad they did win, as I don't want them to go down the tubes and have that take the shine off our win against them. They're still 2 games behind us in conf. and with our win vs them, really 3 games.
Nebraska up by 6 on wiscy....would not mind them winning and getting their win out of the way
Nebraska doesn’t look bad. Better not look to coast.

not very impressed with Villanova
Danger Zone
Wow. Northwestern chokes away a 6 point lead in the last two minutes of the second half, then another 6 point lead in the last minute of overtime, and finally loses in the second overtime. Is there a more demoralizing way to lose a game?
I’m pretty sure they’ve lost every game since they were ranked.

Their talented players have kind of fallen off a cliff. You barely notice Kopp and Nance anymore on the floor and Audige plays too much hero ball.

They will be dangerous next year since it doesn't seem like they have any seniors on the roster.
Wisconsin is getting so many open looks from long range and simply can't make anything. I see that as a sign that DMW, Frazier, and Miller will get some looks.
Ole Miss beat Tennessee just last week I believe, they’re starting to play some good basketball. This Missouri beat down is just awesome though 😬😬
BU:1 Trash cans:0
This Missouri beat down is just awesome though 😬😬
Long after this season is behind us, I will still be mystified by our loss to them this year. The talent and coaching gaps between our teams is substantial. I've made my peace with our other losses. Not that one.

(I know the MD loss was statistically worse, but I just chalk that up to the B1G gauntlet).
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