2/20 Games

Michigan State at Indiana going on right now and IU just hit a terrible drought that sent them from a 10 point second half lead to a 12 point second half deficit with about 4 minutes to go.
IU falls to 4-5 at home in the B1G, with a game vs Michigan yet to play. Losses to Northwestern, Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois and MSU. Wins over PSU, Maryland, Minnesota and Iowa.
Golden, Colorado
And interesting in this unusual year, the win against a reeling Indiana team may be MSU's best win this year - even with a win over Duke.
Aurora, IL
Alabama struggling against Vanderbilt at home. Happens to all schools in the Power Conferences from time to time.
Not sure if Belein would leave the booth to go back to the pressure cooker of coaching. He is 68 which is not a spring chicken
I was not a big fan of miller. Had that one great dayton run that boosted his stock but plenty of meh seasons.

I'm not sure IU is the attraction it once was. Kinda like Nebraska football. Expectations higher than reasonable under today's circumstances.
Speaking of final straws, K-State down 2 against TCU. Weber hasn't won since December 29.
Pulled off the win 72-64. Even before then, K-State still wasn't in last in the Big 12, because they beat Iowa State, who hasn't won a game in conference yet.
USC falls at home to Arizona, and the Pac-12 is back up for grabs. Also, USC has been slotted as a top 4 seed of late, and that loss won't help them.

#7 Virginia trailing Duke late in the first half.
I’ve found myself rooting for duke now that Jalen Johnson left. Very annoyed people kept saying he “opted out” of the season. He quit. Maybe he did because of an injury, maybe not. If he was hurt he still could stay with his team. Of course if he was hurt he also wouldn’t have been dressing for games - which he was, so I don’t think it has anything to do with an injury. I think his people were telling him he was getting exposed as not being worth a top pick and he bailed...which I think may have proven it.(seriously makes me question nba scouts how this guy is rated WAY higher than Ayo)

Long story short, Duke up 3 on Virginia at the half.
Old Bruce has the worst year ever at Illinois and 2 of the 4 worst in Kstate history, this has to be it for him, Right?