2/25 Games

MSU played rly well against us offensively. They hit some really tough shots they wouldn't usually hit, it happens
Scottsdale, AZ
A physical game with 4 minutes left and OSU up by 4. Liddell dishing out as much physical play as MSU is giving. MSU bigs nearly as physical with OSU, but they are staying home more on guards and not triple teaming like they did on Kofi. In my opinion, OSU has more consistent outside offense than we have and better FT shooters. MSU may win this one too! Seem to be wearing OSU down in 2nd half.
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It is official... B1G wants Michigan St in the NCAA Tournament.. Officials helping Michigan State here and against OSU. A win against #5 Illinois and #4 OSU.... definitely pads the resume.
Scottsdale, AZ
Henry is a big point guard for MSU and seems to be directing this game... MSU now up 3 with 1 minute left
MSU getting hot at the right time of year.. They are going to make the NCAA's if they can close this win out over OSU with a min left.. WOW..
I have to admit, as much as I know this is tough on our beloved Illini team.. I am loving all the basketball!! We are good and getting all the basketball we can get right now.. This is amazing!
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I support Holtman getting his T and still giving the refs an earful
League doing its best to get MSU that bid. This win actually helps us so no biggie. Will be nice smoking the Spartans in the tourney or next matchup with them.