2/8 Polls - Illinois #6 in AP Poll

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1 Gonzaga
2 Baylor
3 Michigan
4 Ohio State
5 Villanova
6 Illinois
7 Texas Tech
8 Houston
9 Viginia
10 Missouri

BU:1 Trash cans:0

Seems about right. The games against Mich and OSU will be intense.
Weird coincidence?


After effects of the 17-18 shoe scandal causing talent to get dispersed across programs more evenly?

oh you just know those coaches are in living rooms (via Zoom) taking the easy route: this is COVID. Somehow will spin it to caring about the health of their players (the narrative coach k started after we beat them), which hindered their ability to go all out and practice or play the [Duke/Kansas/Kentucky] way.
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congrats Illini staff and players for rebounding from those 2 home court losses to regain confidence and start a winning surge with some impressive wins....

# 6 and climbing..................

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Charge on lads......
BU:1 Trash cans:0
How does Michigan go up in rank when they haven’t played a game in weeks?
I'm fine with it as long as they semi-crater Michigan if/when they pick up another loss. Their next five games are all Quad 1. Lots of quality opportunities to help them fall back with the rest of the pack.
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Even though I think UM moved up only because of having one loss, it’s clear how much pollsters respect our league...two teams with 4 and 5 losses in the Top 10, and three other teams with 6 to 7 losses in the Top 25. We are by far the best conference, and teams are going to get beat up. Unlike football, there are no runaway powerhouses...although a few are now beginning to distance themselves. I love that we are one of those again!
Yeah but still ...
No but still! This season is about us, not Mizzou. Don't let Stockholm syndrome of braggin' rights distort your worldview. Caring about another teams failures more than your own successes is the mentality of a loser. We don't care to shift focus away from ourselves anymore. Own that #3 SOS nationally! We are no longer losers! I-L-L.
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