2020 NBA Draft Thread

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Here's the draft info on Williams from ESPN.com:

Pre-Draft Analysis


- Has an ideal physical profile for a forward at 6-foot-8, 225 pounds, with a wingspan around 7-foot. Length and athleticism to defender smaller players, plus a powerful frame that should allow him to switch onto big men.
- Showed some flashes of touch shooting off the dribble from midrange, as well as stepping into spot-up 3-pointers confidently. Hit 84% of his free throw attempts.
- Second-youngest player in this draft class. Somewhat of a late bloomer who appears to have considerable upside.

Improvement areas
- Raw offensive player. One of the least prolific scorers among projected first-round picks, and he wasn't particularly efficient relative to his role.
- Game moves a little too quickly for him at times. Posted the third-worst assist-to-turnover ratio among projected draft picks who aren't big men.
- Intensity level and effectiveness defensively come and go.

Projected role: 3-and-D combo forward

Post-Draft Analysis
Williams was the big winner of the pre-draft process, rocketing up draft boards thanks to his combination of ideal physical tools, multi-positional defensive versatility and budding skill as a shot-maker and passer.

The brand new front office and coaching staff in Chicago picked a player who has huge upside to grow into at a position of need, signaling their faith in both the existing roster as well as their player development staff.

For the new Bulls regime, it makes sense to take a patient approach in studying the existing pieces in place first and evaluate where changes need to be made before electing to make significant moves.
What do you mean?

They now have two drafts in a row picking a player they could've gotten later in the draft. Smart move, if you can do it of course, is to trade back and grab another asset (2nd rounder) in the process. Cam worked out for them and Smith may as well, but they have left some decent value on the table, by all appearances.

And I like Smith too, but not as a 4. If he can't play the 4 at a high level, then they just used the 10th pick on their 15 min-a-night backup to Ayton.
I see. How do you feel about Williams going to the Bulls?
I like Williams a lot in a vacuum. I think he's exactly what you want in the modern NBA, assuming he can keep improving his shot and handle. I'm still really concerned about not having a good PG for the long-term, but I can see why they chose Williams over any of the PG options available.
I don't know they'll be bad enough next year to get him, but I do see Cade Cunningham listed as a top PG prospect in next year's draft.
If their game plan is to be bad and focus on development of our young players, then I am alllll for it. Not a better year to be bad than this year, where you aren't going to be disappointing fans at games anyways.
With the 33rd overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves select Daniel Oturu, C, Minnesota.

Oturu's draft rights are reportedly being traded to the Knicks.
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