2021-22 College Football Coaching Carousel

That would be insane. The guy is super unproven as a coach long-term. He hasn't even had the chance to play with his own recruits!
You see this happen a lot - a coach catches lightning in a bottle and has a great season, school panics and breaks the bank to keep him, coach never replicates that level of success. It would be the equivalent of us paying Saban $ for Zook after the 2007 season or Coach K $ for Weber after 2005. Maybe Tucker really is that great a coach, but if it were me I'd want a little more than one year as proof.
I agree with the general consensus that Mel Tucker is largely unproven, but if you have loaded boosters willing to pony up, how can an AD say no? This goes for Michigan State and other schools who were rumored to be interested.
Agree on Tucker, I didn't know much about him and didn't think he'd be the answer for MSU, but if he can get that kind of $$ after this pretty amazing year at MSU, awesome for him.

Frankly, I hope he elevates MSU to being a top tier program, the more of those in the B1G the better, assuming BB can keep improving the Illini.
Petrino did ok for Idaho. The sucker punch for Petrino was that the year they went to and won their bowl game against a P5 team (iirc), the school announced that they were moving back to the FCS, over the objections of Petrino and the players. Never could replicate the success of that one year and I wonder if Covid-19 last year gave him an extra year.
Mel didn't look like a super coach yesterday.

I can understand losing to O$U but 56 - 7?
Talking to my Georgia golfing buddies on the course yesterday. Mentioned Mullen getting canned. They all agreed he is an asshat. Had no idea. They are all Dawg fans so that may have played a part in it.
Two bits of coaching news today:

-TCU has hired SMU head coach Sonny Dykes to replace Gary Patterson. Front runner for the SMU job is reportedly Miami OC Rhett Lashlee, who was Dykes' OC at SMU in 2018 and 2019. If nothing else, the Dykes hiring should make things interesting in the Iron Skillet rivalry after how things have went the past couple of years in that game.
-Louisiana Tech has announced that they are firing Skip Holtz following their season finale tomorrow vs. Rice. The Bulldogs are 3-8 this season and it is only their 2nd losing season under Holtz, with the other coming in Holtz's first season in Ruston. They went to bowl games 7 straight seasons under Holtz with last season being the first bowl game they had lost in his tenure.