2021 NFL Draft Thread

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Here's the NFL.com draft profile on Fields:

NFL Comparison
Dak Prescott

Like Dak Prescott before him, Fields enters the league with dual-threat capabilities but is more of a pocket passer with the ability to extend plays or win with his legs when needed. He was up and down in 2020, but a bounce-back performance against Clemson -- including an impressive second half after suffering an injury -- said a lot about his toughness and leadership. He sees the field fairly well inside the Buckeyes’ quarterback-friendly offense but needs to become a full-field reader and prevent his eyes from becoming transfixed on primary targets. He sticks open throws with accuracy and velocity thanks to a sturdy platform and good drive mechanics. He’s also comfortable throwing into intermediate holes of a zone. A slower operation time and a lack of a twitchy trigger will require him to work with better anticipation and pressure recognition pre- and post-snap. He takes more sacks than coaches will be comfortable with but he also digs his way out of holes and creates explosive plays. Fields operates with a quiet confidence and has experience overcoming adversity. He should continue to improve and become a solid NFL starter within a couple of seasons.

-Toughness/willingness to do what it takes is always on display.
-Never lost a Big Ten game as a starter.
-Vast improvement in 2020 with fumbles per snap.
-Good size with stout lower body to stave off sacks/tackles.
-Lateral footwork to side-step downhill blitzers.
-Usually finds a firm, sturdy passing base beneath him.
-Plenty of zip for long, field-side throws.
-Attention to drive mechanics generates velocity when needed.
-Makes quality reads when deciphering high-low concepts.
-Confident and comfortable throwing into intermediate zone windows.
-Willing to take a big hit to deliver a pass.
-Good command and accuracy on boot action to the right.
-Keeps defenses honest with his legs.
-Picks up tough yards on the ground when team needs it.

-Needs to improve pocket mobility for clean launch points.
-Below-average feel for edge pressure, running himself into pressure points.
-Field vision is average in face of the blitz.
-Missed open blitz beaters in the middle of the field against Indiana.
-Gradual operation time prevents expedited release.
-Needs to release ball earlier on anticipatory throws.
-Needs to improve eye manipulation as a pro.
-Stagnant eyes invite coverage to the passing party.
-Forces receivers to slow for deep throws.
-Pet spin move as runner got him clocked against Clemson.
I am literally shocked at the Bears' pick, but happy with with it!

Ryan Pace is so charitable with trading away first round picks.
This pick is Pace's way of fixing draft mistake of not taking Deshaun Watson.

Plus if they fail, Pace and Nagy are gone after this year anyway.
Pace needs to win 9 games this year or he & Nagy will be gone .
He loves trading away future picks .
I’m indifferent on the pick . hope i’m wrong
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