2022 NFL Draft Thread

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Draft is tonight so time to start this thread. 1 and 2 seem to be set. Things could get fun starting at #3.

As in past years I'll post all of the Bears picks, 1st round picks, picks from B1G schools, and picks from state schools as well as other players with central Illinois connections. I should be able to update this thread tonight and tomorrow. Saturday may be in question as I'll be out of town and/or busy most of the day so I may just do a catch-all breakdown at the end of the day.

I know Dan has the thread over on the football board but I thought this would be a good catch-all for everything.
Also of note heading into tonight, 8 of the 32 teams do not currently have a first round pick. Vegas, which is hosting the draft this year, doesn't have a pick til Round 3.


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Thanks, IlliniFan for posting the updates.

Does it look like the NFL has decided offense is unnecessary for this draft?
First time since 1991 top 4 picks are defensive players. Top 4 was Russell Maryland, Eric Turner, Bruce Pickens, and Mike Croel. Maryland and Turner were only two to make Pro Bowls. That year, NFL record top 6 picks were all defense.
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