2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

Here's how the brackets look in each conference:

Eastern Conference
(A1) Florida vs. (WC2) Washington
(A2) Toronto vs. (A3) Tampa Bay
(M1) Carolina vs. (WC1) Boston
(M2) New York Rangers vs. (M3) Pittsburgh

Western Conference
(C1) Colorado vs. (WC2) Nashville
(C2) Minnesota vs. (C3) St. Louis
(P1) Calgary vs. (WC1) Dallas
(P2) Edmonton vs. (P3) Los Angeles

Here is the complete schedule for the first round: https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-playoffs-round-1-schedule/c-280159064

Blues-Wild starts Monday with the first 3 games all having 8:30 PM CT starts.
I'll soon be a resident of the Twin Cities, so I'm going to be hopping on the Wild bandwagon.
Bortuzzo ruled out for the rest of the game. With injuries among the defensemen right now, Blues may have to hope either Scandella is healthy enough for Game 3 or they will have to dip into their depth at Springfield.