3/16 Games

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Paducah, Ky
Root for Northwestern. Illinois schools deserve our support, especially if our own school can't perform
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It’s (next year) also an opportunity for him to show he can make something out of nothing … which would up his value immeasurably.
If his goal is to get to a program with a winning tradition where he has a chance to be a top tier program consistently he needs to go now. His light is shining about as bright as it's ever going to get.
Plenty of teams play team ball and have a pg but that doesn't mean I'm cheering for them.
Suit yourself. They're a good story. I sort of understand. I don't root for Northwestern football ever but Northwestern basketball had been pitiful for so long that I put them in the same category as Bradley, SIU, Loyola. When state schools have done well or made the tournament, I rooted for them.
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