3/18 Games

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Round of 32 Day 1

5 San Diego State vs 13 Furman, 11:10am, CBS
4 Tennessee vs 5 Duke, 1:40pm, CBS
1 Kansas vs 8 Arkansas, 4:15pm, CBS
7 Missouri vs 15 Princeton, 5:10pm, TNT

1 Houston vs 9 Auburn, 6:10pm, TBS
2 Texas vs 10 Penn State, 6:45pm, CBS
2 UCLA vs 7 Northwestern, 7:40pm, TNT
1 Alabama vs 8 Maryland, 8:40pm, TBS

All times CT
Call me crazy or going out on a limb, but I think Maryland has a real chance if refs let them play (physical).

Sidenote, Miles (Brandon Miller buddy, former teammate and owner of murder weapon) and Davis (shooter in tuscaloosa murder) are both from Maryland.
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Its not looking good :) :)

It definitely takes a lot of luck in the tournament. You are telling me if we had the path that San Diego State has this year in 2022, we wouldn't make it to S16? Of course, instead of facing the likes of mighty Furman Paladins, we had to face Houston...


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I didn't pay any attention to the first game today... seems like a poor decision to air Furman vs San Diego State in a standalone window while cramming together all the better games later in the day. My gut says it's Duke's fault.


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It was a good call, his right hand was in the net. Unfortunate for Michigan, but still correct. They blew an 8 point lead in the last minute.
I was just watching where it was coming off the glass. Looked like it might be on the way down. I hadn't seen his hand
And they lost on a goaltending call that looked questionable to me.

Karma is sweet
They lost by throwing the ball away 3 times in the last minute.
The goal tending call was legit as Hunter D had a hold of the net. Grabbing the rim and/or net are not allowed when trying to block a shot.


The Michigan meltdown is just the appetizer on the big 10 misery menu today. The mains will be delicious.


Duke/TN are both stuck in the mud. If you like defense, tune in.
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