3/27 Games

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Just saw the score. So Loyola scored 16 points in the first half and shot 33% for the game, huh?

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New York
Well...according to a writer for the suburban Daily Herald in an article this week, Josh Whitman is an idiot if he doesn't immediately fire BU and hire Porter Moser.
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I expect a correction this week saying he meant Wayne Tinkle
In what universe does Oral Roberts make it to the Sweet 16 and we don’t?

This is agonizing.
Oral Roberts could stay in in this game for awhile. They are hot from 3, and Arkansas can't guard them the way they've spread them out. ORU's guards are quicker. It's an open 3 every possession.
What is hard to understand is how BU has been here 4 years and apparently never spent any time practicing a zone. Or a press. Mind boggling. I still like him but he has to grow as a coach, 1 defense and 1 defense only exposes your team in some matchups.
I don’t know if that’s really fair. He obviously dedicated his time to coaching the team to win in the BIG, widely considered the toughest place to win. We ended the season on the heater of all heaters in the BIG - so I’d say it worked. How much time during Jan and Feb was he supposed to dedicate to the chance we’d face Loyola or Syracuse instead of focusing on the BIG?

(unless you believe the brackets were pre-ordained by a committee hell bent on creating the compelling story of ... let me check my notes... two teams from the same state with no other history or compelling storyline).
As I sit here watching Arkansas and Oral Roberts, I realize how badly we screwed up because if we're on a decent night, we're such a better team than so many still left.
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