3/29 Games

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NCAA Tournament Bracket

Elite 8 Day 1

2 Houston vs 12 Oregon State, 6:15pm, CBS

1 Baylor vs 3 Arkansas, 8:57pm, CBS

All times CT
All want is to see a 12 seed who had to win their conference championship to get a spot in the bracket duke it out against an 11 seed that had to play its way into the tournament for the national championship, is that too much to ask?
From what I can see, and I know UCLA is an 11 seed, but these might be the 2 worst teams left
Random thought - watching all these teams celebrate NCAA Tournament wins in their locker rooms, they are a bit more subdued than I would have guessed. I think we had them beat. Maybe BU spoiled me. Haven't seen one quite as nuts as our road wins down the stretch.

Just wish we had a few more in the NCAAs.
These Cinderella teams flaming out have led to some really dull games.
By my count there have been a grand total of zero buzzer beaters and one team getting a double-digit lead forcing the other team to play catch up, which it never quite does, has been the blueprint. This has been the basketball equivalent of Ambien.
When a bracket appears on the TV screen ............. very difficult not to see "Illinois" out there
This tourney run by Oregon State is even more unlikely when you consider that earlier in season they lost to Portland — whose coach was fired after season — at home.
Has there been an easier path to the Final Four based on seeding ever? Houston played:

#15 Cleveland State
#10 Rutgers
#11 Syracuse
#12 Oregon State
That's what's different about college basketball today versus 30 years ago. There's reduced parody allowing for more upsets, but the difference between good teams and bad teams is the good teams have far less dud games and definitely don't have dud streaks. We just got caught with our pants down having a dud game against a solid team.
Beavs making a game out of it.
Yeah...they sure can take a pounding!

Paducah, Ky
Having to look at Cellphone Scamscum going to a Final Four makes me want to puke and says it all about cheating and the NCAA
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