3/7 Games

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Theoretically, if Baylor and Michigan were to both lose today, would we move ahead of them in the rankings? And could we potentially get the #2 overall seed?
Man if Michigan State wins this I'm gonna be so mad at the big ten but I WANT it to happen so bad. Idk maybe I'm just a masochist and want to raise my blood pressure 😂
Personally, I would see Gonzaga as the most desirable semi match-up for the Illini....if they were to get to the FF. The Zags have not played a team like Illinois. Yes their talent is experienced and sufficient, but there season experience gave them nothing like the Illini. Our guys have the depth and defense to go hard from the tip-off and are doing a much better job lately of staying focused and energized for two hours.

Regardless, it is all a wasted argument at this point. Get there, and then be happy to play anybody. You must have that kind of mindset....one game at a time and if we are the best...we will win.
Need to win um all. Sequence not important.
I say not just lose today but don’t win the conf tourney and we do
Agreed. Baylor and/or Michigan losing today will be good. but the performance in the conference tournaments is going to have a big say in where the seeds are also.
Theoretically, if Baylor and Michigan were to both lose today, would we move ahead of them in the rankings? And could we potentially get the #2 overall seed?

I expect the AP Poll tomorrow to be:
1. Gonzaga
2. Baylor
3. Michigan
4. Illinois
5. Iowa
6. Alabama
7. Houston

unless Baylor and/or Michigan lose today (Baylor goes back ahead of Michigan unless Baylor loses today). If Michigan loses today I think they could even drop below Iowa in the poll. But the AP Poll has poll inertia so it wont necessarily line up with the NCAA Tournament Seeding.

If Illinois wins the BTT I'd expect we will have a strong claim to jump Baylor for the #2 overall seed even if they don't lose (and we'd definitely be ahead of Michigan).
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If MSU wins we should absolutely hang a banner and call ourselves champions - 16-4 vs 14-3 and we beat them at their place by 23. I‘m rooting hard for the Spartans
They will have played three fewer games, and their fans who keep talking smack about us losing to RU and MD...well, don’t get shelled by Minny, a team we pounded twice, don’t get pounded by us, and play all your games.

You can potentially lose any B1G game...any. If they lose to MSU, I would at least say co-champs based on possibility of total wins and head-to-head.

And no one should be talking about our overall win-loss who played their non-con schedule and fewer games in the strongest league in the nation.

Now, it may be unfair to aim our vitriol at UM though, it’s really our conference heads who are simply excusing games in favor of the narrative of a magical year for UM and their Uber-famous first year coach (who has done a great job)

While I’m ranting, what the hell was all the talk about Holtzman for COTY in the B1G? How is BU in absolutely no conversations about coaches who have excelled? Do they remember where we were two seasons ago?

Done...sorry for the long-winded diatribe.
Dickinson not making the case for FOW. My money's on Belo unless Dickinson has a big second half.
Define Bought and Paid For. Michigan today. OMG are they just laying down just to get MSU to the NCAAs. Sickening
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I don't think Baylor is losing today. They're legit.

I'd like to see Illinois have another crack at them - especially because it would mean we are in the Final Four :)
Could be a battle of the masks with Ayo and Vital both wearing them
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