Aaron Henry named Illini Defensive Coordinator

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Great for Aaron Henry! Happy for him.

Sad to see Kane go but BB knows best.
Great opportunities for Walters, Kane and Henry. You want to keep everyone forever, but seeing the people under you grow and move on to bigger and better things speaks well for your program and should continue to attract the right people. I had thought Kane would get promoted, and I guess I wasn't wrong; I had just figured it would be here. Kinda makes sense how it shook out as Henry is killing it on the recruiting trail and you can't do anything without players. It'll be fun to see how it plays out over the next couple years. Competition is heating up.


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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Bret Bielema had a plan for when he needed to replace his defensive coordinator.
He always has a list of a couple of possible replacements for members or his staff if they move on, like former defensive coordinator Ryan Walters did when he became the head coach at Purdue.


Will AH continue to coach CBs only along with DC responsibilities or will he also add the S under his wing. Looking forward to seeing the staff additions.

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its pretty safe to say we wont hear any official news from the DIA or the football program about anything other than bowl game stuff until they are back in Champaign next week after the Monday bowl game

this was alluded to early last week actually
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