Adam Miller transfers to LSU

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This is the last thing I’ll say on Adam.

I hope he gets what he wants. I think he made a huge mistake not going to the game and getting cheered with his teammates. 15 years from now he’s gonna look back at this and regret it as now he’s not apart of the home state program. His cousin is. That said for his sake I really hope this was his choice. Good luck Adam.
I don't wish him ill. This isn't a Mark Smith to Miznoz situation. But I can't imagine he's going to get anything out of LSU that he didn't get from here. Good bye. Good luck. We will be just fine without you.
Can't see how this is helping his goals. But, it is his life. I just hope he is making the decisions for himself and not having all of the decisions made for him. And, now that this saga is, thankfully, over I wish him the best.
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Bye Adam. Hope you find what you're looking for.
Is it just a tad weird that Will Wade's full name is Frank Williams Wade or did I have too much to drink?
He helped us get a #2 ranking and a #1 seed. That's a little bit more than a footnote, IMO.
I’m not taking that away from him. He did help us with that. But was Adam Miller the man, this season? No. Could he have been much closer to a leading role this season (and beyond), signs point to yes.

But is his one year career noteworthy for all time Illinois history? No, I don’t think so. It was cool, it happened.

The future will remember Ayo, Kofi, and Belo. Unfortunately for Adam, he will be an afterthought and a shrug when it comes to Illini. Similar to Jereme Richmond, maybe?

I will miss the positive impact on defense, and some impressive team first hustle plays. At least we have one more year of Peoria Illini with DMFW back.
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