Alan Griffin transfers to Syracuse

Unless they knew this was coming, on the surface, this hurts badly.

To lose an athletic 6'6", with terrific rebounding and shooting skills is brutal unless there's more news to come.

I don't think there's a doubt Miller is en route anymore.

This, however, is the Pandora's box that gets opened if there's no rule requiring these guys that sit out a year. It turns into free agency.
Hate to see him go, but I don’t think he was satisfied with his PT. And I don’t think it was going to go up much next year. Looking forward to who the staff pulls in. Their recent recruiting push makes even more sense now.
Assuming Ayo is gone that’s insane. Underwood has played upperclassman in the past over young players. This hurts.

I’m it’s not hard to see Alan being our best best player next year if ayo leaves.
You've got to be kidding. He won't outplay Miller or Curbelo.
Everyone calm down. I am seeing some of the same posts that I saw after Samba Kane and now we all know why he wanted to leave.

Players want to play. I loved Alan but some aspects of his game were suspect, shaky ballhandling, occasionally getting lost on defense. He knows more than any of us what is coming back and who is coming in. If he thinks that there are not enough minutes available then he is going to go where there are minutes. Best of luck, love the guy.
Sad to hear this. He is one of my favorite players. Love his heart and grit. If you are reading this Alan, not to late to change your mind.
If Ayo leaves, we have lost arguably 2 of our hardest working guys. We will miss that. He could have been a great influence on the freshman. I’m sure we will be fine, but think he could have played a strong role. Best of luck to him.
I'm shocked you guys don't see it... It's so clear why he's leaving. Who started in the last game of the season? Not Alan. Wouldn't you say who starts at the end of the season is a representation of whos the best on the team?
Tyler Underwood started. Him and Brad are looking into the possibilities of a 5th year. He's about to have his breakout year. Book it
I'm recalibrating my sarcasm meter. It was senior day....
Still pumped about next years roster without Alan. What are the rumors people are talking about in regards to next years team?
If thats the case, great, but Griffin is really good and can freaking shoot.
I don’t think that was a serious comment, but one of griffins strongest points was he could always rise up and shoot no matter who was on him. Not a lot of guys can do that. D was a weakness that cost him minutes. Underwood doesn’t have much stomach for that.
dang... love his game... hated when his mom was (kinda right) feeling he didn't get enough PT... was so glad when things started turning... Great game, really sorry about this one~
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If you want to continue to play in the Chicago pipeline (Ayo, Miller...) better have PT for the incoming. Miller is not coming here to sit.
Our transfers from last year opened some eyes and mouths this season. Combine that with a couple of transfer surprises this season, it's easy to see Griffin needing to show out for PT, which is probably ok with dad, but mommy thinks he deserves more.
It is what it is.

I completely trust BU and his staff.
Sorry to see him go, and I wish him the best. He would have been a key contributor next year, but going to see this as team gets better. Everyone wants to start and everyone wants to play 30 mpg. Takes special types of players to buy into it all for the team. AG might well have been that type of player, but sounds like his mom wasn’t that kind of parent.
He would have been awesome 27 minutes per game, starter or not. I miss him already! If the tourney hadn't been cancelled he wouldn't have had time to think of leaving. Sitting around with too much time to think. I'm not happy about this.