Ayo Dosunmu declares for NBA Draft

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From the site referenced abouve Draftsite.com which I don't know, here are 5 players in the lower half of the second round and roughly the same height as Ayo. direct competition with Ayo. Here are their stats from last season:

FG%/FT%/3pt%/Reb/Assist/Steals(by the way I rounded up on the percentages)

Isaiah Joe-6'5- 37/34/89/4.1/1.7/1.4
Skylar Mays-6'4- 49/39/85/5.0/3.2/1.8
Ayo Dosunmu-6'5- 48/30/76/4.3/3.3/.8
Trevelin Queen-6'6- 47/39/81/5.2/2.4/1.7
Desmond Bane-6'6- 45/44/79/6.3/3.9/1.5
Nate Hinton-6'5'- 41/39/76/8.7/2.0/1.4

In this group what stands out is that Ayo has the lowest 3pt percentage and the lowest amount of steals. Now steals are a small part of guarding your position but its not a good sign when you can knockdown from deep and aren't creating turnovers. From a data driven standpoint all of these guards besides possibly Isaiah Joe, who actually has the highest projection, Ayo is behind.

What these stats don't take into account is strength of schedule/and role on team. Ayo was forced into many late shot clock forces and iso plays. Which he excelled at in the late game but end of halves and busted offensive sets did him no favors. As a GM I would absolutely take a chance on Ayo but I am super biased.
Think of how motivated Ayo would be to prove all those NBA exec's wrong if he returns next year.......(salivating thinking about it). He lives for proving nay sayers wrong.
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