Ayo Dosunmu wins the 2021 Bob Cousy Award

Rockford, Illinois
Congratulations, Ayo. A well-deserved honor that you worked really hard to get. You are in good company. Your banner will go up in the rafters of the Assembly Hall next to another Illini First Team All-American point guard who actually beat out Bob Cousy (who was Second Team) for the Helms Athletic Foundation All-America Team in 1949.
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Some good news all of a sudden. Way to go, Ayo! Congratulations I'll miss watching you in an Illini uniform That kissing of the Illini court sealed the deal. Thanks.
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Rockford, Illinois
Ayo is not only one of the best Illini basketball players of all time, but also one of the classiest with highest character. His parents and close family have instilled in him a great sense of honor, goodness, and integrity. He continues to make Illini Nation proud.
Amazing accomplishment for an extremely deserving young athlete! I pray you join my Chicago Bulls team and take us back to the Finals one day! Such a bright future ahead for you Ayo, God willing! Be blessed and continue the Greatness! I-L-L
Hopefully we'll have a 3rd in the next few years.


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