B1G Postponements due to COVID-19

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Jan. 3: Wisconsin @ PSU
Jan. 5: Nebraska @ Purdue
Jan. 6: PSU @ OSU

Two PSU players tested positive for COVID-19. That explains two of the postponements. Guessing PSU will be out of commission for a few weeks. Nebraska had a positive test earlier this season that tied up one of their players for 21 days. Don't know if they are having new issues now. If the two (currently) winless teams torpedo the conference schedule for the rest of us, I might lose it.
My first reaction is that there will be no torpedoing from any teams, especially winless ones. The NCAA wants to get this season in. I might even say NEEDS to get a complete season, including the tourney. No, if COVID cases from team-to-team spread, that's a different story. But even then, they'll get a season in.
Supposedly the B10 built in a few "Bye weeks" into each teams schedule (6 days gaps between games) to allow for some makeups. However if you look at possible game days that Nebrask and Purdue could both play a make-up game without having to play back to back games, the only options are 3/4 and 2/22. They could just play a double header in Nebraska on 2/20 when they're already there, or do a game the Friday before or Sunday after and just let Nebraska have an extra home game too.
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Two more PSU games postponed due to COVID-19. Won't be easy to make up all of these games.
Penn State men's basketball has paused all team-related activities due to positive COVID-19 results among its Tier 1 personnel.

Due to the pause, the Nittany Lions' home games against Michigan (Jan. 9) and Rutgers (Jan. 12) have been postponed.
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Nebraska and PSU are the only ones causing postponements so far, but that's still going to create some issues. If Nebraska needs to postpone additional games, there is a practical limit on how many games can be rescheduled. How are these two programs going to decide which ones to make up? Could create some weird ripple effects for the rest of the conference.
Winged Warrior
In fairness, he took the job knowing he'd had to live in Bloomington and would probably even have to interact with some of their fans.
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Jan. 20: Minny @ Neb
Jan. 24: Neb @ Iowa

Hoiberg, 7 players, and 4 other individuals all with positive results.

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1/23: Illini @ MSU

Three more positive tests for MSU: a freshman walk-on and two staff members. Probably means they'll need to shut things down for another week or two. We're up to three programs with a significant number of postponements: Nebby, PSU, and MSU. More schedule shuffling likely on the way.