Barry Lunney Named Illinois Offensive Coordinator and QBs Coach

Bielema is not messing around. This is so refreshing and I'm not used to this at all(regarding Illinois football trying to do all they can to be as competitive as possible haha)

Welcome to Illinois Coach Lunney ! I wish you all the best of luck. GO ILLINI!


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Yep. Lunney is clearly an upgrade over Peterson. Bielema is not messing around.
Quite and upgrade:

2021 Offensive CategoryUTSAILL
Games Played1412
Tot. Yds. Passing3,5771,874
Avg. Yds./Game Passing255.5156.2
Tot. Yds. Rushing2,5692,083
Avg. Yds./Game Rushing183.5173.6
Total Offensive Yds.6,1463,957
Total Offensive Yds./Game436.9329.8
Total Points Scored516238
Avg. Points/Game36.919.8
Sorry for dredging this up again but the contrast between, on the one hand, assembling a staff with Walters and Lunney leading it, and, on the other hand, naming yourself head coach/defensive coordinator and adding your son as position coach, could not be more telling. It's all the difference in the world. Who knows where this Bielema era takes us but this is exactly what I always wanted to see from Illinois football. Full throttle total commitment. I love it.
The year before Lunney got to UTSA they averaged 19 points per game. His first year there that jumped to 28.6 PPG. His second season UTSA averaged 36.9 PPG. If you combine that huge improvement with his recruiting ability, this is a big time hire for the ILLINI.
Having some Texas ties won’t hurt recruiting for sure. UTSA is a close enough drive to some power northern San Antonio area programs that I would assume has to have been around them some.
Love the hire and momentum! Two questions:

1. Do we have the players (mainly qb) to allow the coach to see a jump in O improvement?

2. Does it realistically make IL any more attractive in the transfer market to try and close the gap for next year?

It seems 0440 mentioned a possible transfer QB (not tommy d) who looked decent on film. But seems like we just need the right transfer at that position especially to make a big leap next year. And I would imagine 2-3 quality o-line transfers would be a target for the staff as well.

Basically, it’s time to start recruiting like crazy. But things seem to be headed in the right direction!