Big Ten Tournament

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Maybe to late for tonight's games but I bet the B1G follows the NCAA moving forward!
Chicago, IL
can't they just slap a " attend at your own risk" label on this and let people return their tickets but then resell them to me for a deep discount? cuz I'll go, no hesitation

I wish. The fear is spreading it. If they leave that up to the crowd, they'll still be liable for creating a situation that worsens a public health risk.
Nothing will stop me from being there Friday. I am afraid of no Corona." :)

I aint afriad of Corona.jpg
I was just going to see if people thought they'd shut fans out of the BTT as well. If not, I was going to try my luck on Friday, now that I'm waiting for a refund on my St. Louis tickets.
South Carolina
Damn - just cancelled my airfare and Indy hotel. (Had not yet purchased tickets). Too much skepticism amongst those in my group.

At least everyone was friendly and cordial given my late notice.
Gee, the NCAA tourney without fans, that is kind of a depressing thought. But I just read an article on social distancing. And even a week or two of social distancing can mean the differenc between a massive uncontrolled outbreak, and a contagion which can be managed and controlled.
Cary, IL
So, I am picking my daughter up from UIUC tomorrow afternoon. Her last class is at Altgeld. Assuming the game is still on, should I watch the game at Legends, Murphy's, another recommendation? Somewhere near the quad was her request, since she will be driving.
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