Bret Bielema Press Conference (Jan. 27th)

Saying it about a serial head coach is one thing. Saying it about assistants is quite another.
I certainly was talking about BB and not the assistance.
HOWEVER even 200k a year is a lot of money to the majority of America, let alone 500k. I don't think I would be going on a limb saying you can find trophy wives in that ball park.
the ole ball coach
plenty of good looking girls will sign up for a husband who is an asst football coach at a university making 300k
Winged Warrior
He probably doesn't care.

Nice to watch a press conference with a coach who acts like he’s enjoying it and actually answers questions.
Could it be that we will truly be the beneficiary of BB leaving Barry's comfy nest, trying to make it on his own at AR and learning some tough lessons along the way? I think so

Still jacked about the quality of the staff. They are real and knowledgeable. Anxious to see what they do with the pieces they have inherited.
I think so, too. Failure is a great teacher as long as you are willing to learn.
Planet Earth, when not battling Ming the Merciless
BB also has a ~150lbs on Mike White too, for your "sleeping giant reference". Give me Mike White era of football back and I would be happy.
I had season tickets during the Mike White era. Fun times. Not since.
Have to say my optimism exists for the football team, which is saying something. The initial buzz of Lovie got me going a little, but it fizzled to typical Illini football levels. It sounds good at least. We'll see.