Chicago Cubs 2021 season

[ W ] #14

Sweep! For all his faults, moments like Javy's HR in the 8th reninds me why I'd love to see him as a Cub for his career.
I agree. If he would keep his head in the game at all times, quit swinging at breaking pitches out of the zone, and run full speed out of the box, he'd be one of the top 5 players in the game. I keep waiting for him to get it, especially knowing that he sees Rizzo play everyday.

I also wonder if anyone made a bag load of money taking the Cubs in both games today?
I think it’s time to unload anyone of value and start over. It looked like we were in line for an epic 5-7 year stretch starting in ‘15. It flamed out really fast, players regressed, and there isn’t enough minor league talent in the system. I would be shocked if there aren’t major deals coming at the deadline.
You are way too quick to pull the trigger. Glad you aren’t the GM! Idiot!
If you didn't catch the Wednesday night game, it's on replay Thursday at 12 central, but don't hold me to that. Most fun I've had watching the Cubs in awhile!
Montgomery, IL
Alzolay's slider is absolutely filthy. I'm hoping they take off the kid gloves and turn him loose sometime soon. Until Hendricks finds some consistency, you could make the argument that he's the best starter in their rotation.