Chicago Cubs 2021 season

Wouldn't a possible return for option C be making the playoffs this season, sounds pretty good to me.

Also, assuming the Cubs make qualifying offers to each player (and barring a catastrophic injury, they will), they’d get draft picks in compensation if they sign anywhere else.

And in the cases of Rizzo and Baez, I’m not sure that any prospects they’d receive in trade would be THAT much greater in value than the draft picks.
Montgomery, IL
Maybe we should have the bullpen pitch the entire game. :unsure:
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the ole ball coach
Still stunned that he just didn't step on the bag. Should be DFA.
I havent seen a play that crazy since Milford High played the New Thayer Nine in the 1974 Connecticut HS state playdowns !
Whenever Tod Andrews and I run into Larry Cutter at "The Bucket" it somehow manages to come up