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I’m also concerned this guy gets canned. It’s his third DUI charge.
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I’m also concerned this guy gets canned. It’s his third DUI charge.
No one should drink and drive, however 1 is usually forgivable as a bad decision. 3 indicates a bit of a problem, no matter how far apart they are. Quickly looked up Michigan dui laws, but not sure if the incidents all need to happen within Michigan or not…

“Because it is a felony offense, a third DUI will leave you facing severe and even life-changing consequences if convicted. Potential prison time is substantial, and could leave you facing between one to five years behind bars. At the very least, you will spend 30 days in jail.”

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due to someone in my wifes family (Illinois rules) being a 3 time loser, the hurdles and costs for that person to ever drive again are so high, they never will.

the 3rd offense for this person occurred 20 years ago, and they had to spend about 30 days in jail .
its pretty bad if you cant stop drinking and driving after the first offense.


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I hope Jamison is locked in here and UM looks elsewhere.


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They already replaced Scruggs….

Just seeing this now - looks like a good hire for UM - guy had major success recruiting the defensive line at WMU with guys who made big impacts at other schools via portal.
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*if I had to guess
I know nothing about him as a coach, but just looking at the places where he has worked, what incentives does he have to come to Illinois? He's already got the job titles at OU, so I assume they pay him enough too.

Seems like it would be a homerun hire.
A quick search shows there may be a number of quality DB coaches that didn't find a landing spot following the wave of coaching changes. I'm curious if Illinois has money left over to steal a quality active coach (like they did with Sintim from UVa) this late into spring or go for someone currently unemployed/underemployed like those below.

Kerry Cooks - plenty of P5 experience
Darcel McBath - P5 experience and feels like Miss State / Illinois recruiting has overlapped often the past few years
Brandon Shelby - over a decade experience at Indiana should count for something
TJ Rushing - Texas A&M proven recruiter but can he coach??