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Gather around ,my weird and eccentric brothers and sisters in arms, and behold the beauty of the awakening at hand.........

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I have been made aware of the coming age of prosperity and abundant happiness that supersedes recruits and coaches, making them trivial in nature and somewhat meaningless in true worth concerning whats facing us shortly.....

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The best has yet to appear to us, but it will truly be mind is at our doorstep......

View attachment 9381 Will you take that first step ???

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Sorry everyone, I've awaken the beast

the national

the Front Range
But at one point there was an actual ladder.


Austin, TX
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As a hybrid humanoid I would accept either weirdness or eccentricness or weird eccentric or eccentric weird, but i have to attach the ""ness "" vernacular to the most appropriate definition...This will all come together after the first contact which is coming soon.....

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We have observed the homo sapien species for millenia and appreciate your weird and eccentric tendencies , some more than others..
The futile few who's mission in life is to disrupt the harmonic pleasures on sites such as this will be swiftly judged and disposed of in a weird and eccentric manner....

As the Illini nation's true believers have persisted in their unequaled passion for their teams , we are weighing the options as far as rewarding the men's basketball team with their first, how do you call it ?, NATTY ?

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This world must realize the vastness of the universe instead of trying to be the masters of their own realm of keyboard and monitors.....

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Jim, live long and prosper is the universal HELLO.................Why can't humans accept this ?
Thinking about how to respond to this is confusing me and making my brain hurt
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