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Since I am part of the universe, it's logical .......
From the comparable's i get it...

Thank you Ransom, you scary brother in arms....View attachment 9756 Thinking is fun, it really is...
Pruman, a true gifinator, an intellectual at their core, a beacon that summons the weird and pushes the boundaries of the close minded, the virtual entity Prumanently Walken on Sunshine.

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If the universe is expanding but you stay the same size, then it follows logically that the universe is slimming.

Before the quarantine I was either a medium or a large shirt depending on the brand. After I would scare little kids in anything smaller than an XL. In this scenario everything is expanding and believe me none of it is slimming. 👨‍🍳
the ole ball coach
I first heard that song on a high school trip to Europe in June 1978. that song and anything by Abba and that stupid euro song about Ma Barker was on the tour bus radio nonstop 'cuz the bus driver , a dutchman named Joop, liked that crap.

Paducah, Ky
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Wow..... “I think, therefore I am , I think ” is the lyric from Pink Floyd that always made " me think "..............................

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Gomer, what are you doing ???
Hey there Andy....Shazam, Sergeant Carter told me to put this bucket over my head and take a think....know what Andy ?? works...
So thank you all my bros for making this carbon unit was fun...let's do it again......

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Now back to thinking................
“I think, therefore I am , I think ”
Correction.....that lyric is from a Moody Blues song.........
example of me NOT bad
The GIFS add pages to the thread, and really don't see how they enhance the content of the thread, except the "boom" GIF that ALWAYS signals impending good soon to follow. Maybe someone could start a GIFS thread. Or, the GIFS could be created by "insiders" as a type of charades for the less-informed.
The GIFS add pages to the thread, and really don't see how they enhance the content of the thread, except the "boom" GIF that ALWAYS signals impending good soon to follow. Maybe someone could start a GIFS thread. Or, the GIFS could be created by "insiders" as a type of charades for the less-informed.

If it weren't for gifs (and people complaining about them), there would be no content right now.

GIF by Identity
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Interesting article while waiting for THE REALLY IMPORTANT news on AC3.........................

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  • Is the universe a conscious being, like a gigantic widely dispersed human brain?
  • Scientists have long questioned how consciousness and science mix.
  • Two mathematicians have turned one theory into a crunchable math model.
In upcoming research, scientists will attempt to show the universe has consciousness. Yes, really. No matter the outcome, we’ll soon learn more about what it means to be conscious—and which objects around us might have a mind of their own.
The revolutionary thing in IIT isn’t related to the human brain—it’s that consciousness isn’t biological at all, but rather is simply this value, Pi phi, that can be calculated if you know a lot about the complexity of what you’re studying.

If your brain has almost countless interrelated systems, then the entire universe must have virtually infinite ones. And if that’s where consciousness accumulates, then the universe must also have a lot of Alpha phi's and Phi Mu's

Hey, we told you this was going to get weird.

“The theory consists of a very complicated algorithm that, when applied to a detailed mathematical description of a physical system, provides information about whether the system is conscious or not, and what it is conscious of,” Kleiner told All About Space. “If there is an isolated pair of particles floating around somewhere in space, they will have some rudimentary form of consciousness if they interact in the correct way with Gamma Phi Beta's.”

Kleiner and Tull are working on turning IIT into this complex mathematical algorithm—setting down the standard that can then be used to examine how conscious things operate.

Think about the classic philosophical comment, “I think, therefore I am,” then imagine two geniuses turning that into a workable formula where you substitute in a hundred different number values and end up with your specific “I am” answer.

The next step is to actually crunch the numbers, and then to grapple with the moral implications of a hypothetically conscious universe. It’s an exciting time to be a philosopher—or a philosopher’s calculator.

"Phi." Interesting. So that's why we don't have a third Assistant Coach. And while on campus, I had no idea that sorrorities were behind all this. Very well concealed!
There is no evidence if he was offered or not offered.

Two have declined the job based on family situations. Young is a widower who didn’t want to uproot his four children. The Creighton guy accepted the job and even participated in a zoom recruiting call before his wife and family put a kabosh on it.

Other than those two, everything else is just guessing and rumor. Many names have been brought up by posters, other posters get excited and it takes on a life of its own. Then when it becomes apparent that that isn’t the guy, the narrative is that Illinois was turned down. We don’t even know if they were ever even considered.

Underwood has never had trouble filling out good staffs. He obviously has a plan that he is following and is not worried about a few message boards fans.

I have friends who are Illini fans who aren’t on message boards and they barely know there is an opening and they certainly aren’t fretting about it. Lol
Wait a minute so you are saying Hess was essential acting as an Illini coach for some period of time? That is incredibly awkward if true.
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