Euros and Copa America 2024 soccer thread

Mexico captain Edson Alvarez was ruled out of Copa America with a hamstring injury but has said he will stay with the team through the rest of the tournament.

Mexico lost tonight to Venezuela 1:0 and must defeat Ecuador on Sunday to advance to the quarterfinals.


Des Moines, IA
That was one of the worst officiating performances that I've ever seen. The Weah red card was probably justified, but the Panama player sure did a good job of selling the call. Panama should have had three additional red cards besides the one they did get - the foul early on Turner, the high tackle/intentional takeout of Robinson, and the tackle on McKennie that could have snapped his ankle if the Panama player hadn't come up a few inches short. While the US did not play well and didn't adjust well to being down a man, they also didn't get any benefit of the doubt from the officiating crew.


Des Moines, IA
The foul on Turner should have been at least a yellow. A red card would have been too much unless Turner gets pulled right then and there.
But you don’t sanction based on the injury. You sanction based on the play itself. The Panama player lined Turner up and absolutely trucked him. In NCAA football, that’s the textbook play for calling targeting.

I’m glad my kid is a midfielder and not a keeper if a play like that doesn’t result in a sendoff.
Weah suspended 2 matches by CONMEBOL for the red card vs. Panama. He was already automatically suspended because of the red card but CONMEBOL decided to suspend him for an additional match. This means he'll miss Monday's match vs. Uruguay and would also miss the quarterfinal match if the U.S. makes the knockout stage.


For those of you that watch more than I, Germany is my second team and I’d like to know if they are back and my wife wants to know about Italy. Second, is the US regressing or just the same old inconsistency?
In regards to Germany, they've done well this tournament but they're the host country so that's to be expected. Don't know if that means they're "back" or not.

Aside from Euro 2020, Italy has been pretty meh in major tournaments recently. They haven't qualified for the last two World Cups. And they definitely have a lack of offense on their squad. Consider this, none of the top 10 scorers in Serie A this past season were domestic. The top Italian scorer in Serie A was Gianluca Scamaccca with 12 goals. Christian Pulisic had the same amount of goals in that same league last season.

As far as the U.S., yeah I'd chalk it up to inconsistency.