Feb 1 Games

..and some behind us are winning. They are all behind us...and that is a good position. We control our destiny
Yes but when the teams directly behind you lose and you play them coming up gives you a big chance to separate yourself is all I meant.

Either way like you said - we control our destiny :chief:
Good game. Also all is right with the world, Miznoz lost.
I thought we wanted Mizzou to win out to make our loss look better. Really doesnt matter which quad loss it was... it was an embarrassment and we have more/less atoned for It.
Watching Northwestern tonight is the prime example of why you don't start watching the clock with 2+ minutes to go. That was painful to watch. They tried over and over and over to give Purdue the game.....they finally succeeded.

That's a brutal team.
After today and a 3rd loss for MSU I think the Illini are the favorite. MSU has 5 road games and Maryland has 5 road games and they both play each other twice and have to come to CU. If we hold home court and win a few road games our beloved are in the driver's seat and even more so if we can win tomorrow.

MSU is definitely still the favorite. Now if we beat Iowa that might change. But for now the consensus is MSU.
Winning at Iowa would change all that and we would be the favorite, but no one (including me) expects that. However would be ecstatic to see it happen.

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Good game. Also all is right with the world, Miznoz lost.
Thanks for reporting this as there were few witnesses at this event...