Game Thread: Illinois at Michigan State

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Winged Warrior
We need "keep it simple" Curbelo to show up the rest of the way.
Scottsdale, AZ
We beat ourselves... FT's and 4 more TO's than MSU. We shoot 38% FG's and MSU over 50%
Mich has Mich St 2 times this week. I think Mich runs them off the floor.
This team needs to mature in a hurry. We play like an immature jr high team who thinks showing up gets the win. Attention to detail is terribly lacking 22 games into the season.
I don't blame Ayo for those misses. Honestly he is lucky he came out of that without a broken face
If he shoots the free throws, he has to make them. I understand where you're coming from, but this is a guy we're touting for NPOY....has to make them. That said, he's been there for us all year, can't really get mad.
We have played with a sense of urgency after the horse has left the barn.
When an MSU player punches an All American in the face, refs are good with that initially. Nothing to see here folks, move on. Under replay, even the three blind mice finally saw that mugging. Does the BT League office have any review of officials or quality procedures that would weed out the total incompetents in the ref ranks?

It goes higher than the officials. The supervisor that hires the officials needs accountability. If these guys are no better than the MAC or Horizion-level ability, what's the B1G supervisor doing assigning these officials for Illinois - MSU?
We may get there, but we look like a solid top 15 team tonight. We can turn it on and win it all. Looked like National Champs in '89 and '05 but were not. So I will hold out hope.
Not open for further replies.