Game Thread: Illinois at Minnesota

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We must have the most talented street clothes crew in the nation.

Sorry to see Thorne not playing. Hope we don't need him to win this one but I am afraid we might. :(

I have zero expectations for this game. Just hope the guys play hard and compete to the end. If they do so, this should result in a win.

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Herndon, VA
the bourbon is flowing
to numb the pain,
that being said
let's start the game!!!
I-L-L everybody!!
Alright, I'm gonna listen to Barnhart and Hester while I do some CE tonight. Let's have a good game this time around!
Need the young boys to live up to the hype I think they deserve. I know how tough of a contest this game is going to be despite belief that the winless Gophers are pushovers even at home.
Hill has a good fade away but I hate that it's his primary move..
gonna have to pla some D. this one is up and down for now. Good energy initially but players are gonna need a blow sometime
I like the "drive into the lane and draw fouls" plan better than chucking threes.

But not by much.

EDIT: oh, that's the guy's 2nd foul. High-IQ there by Malcolm there to get that guy 2 quick fouls.
so much for the rule emphasis with motion and clear path. Lotta physical play going on out there. Time to man up boys
Minnesota seems to be borrowing Nebraska's game plan to emphasize easy layups against our poor defense.
AA instead of AJ?

Mav doesn't get a foul call, and then Konate throws in a tough shot on MM at the other end.

K Nunn missed a wide open left handed scoop layup after curving beautifully through the lane on the dribble.
Gophers with 5 assists on 6 field goals. We're going to lose if we keep letting them do that.
Not open for further replies.