Game Thread: Illinois at Northwestern

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Good day for hoops . DJ and Bo at Maryland/Wisky . Good game going on to bide time
Shots got to drop.... good looks. Nice passes ad aggressive D
I feel this is a big game. Win, and you've got a good chance at 10th in the BIG, maybe 9th. To me, there's a difference between that and the cellar - it means you competed. If we can finish 10th with 30-50% of our production in street clothes, and almost no senior production... It says to me we can expect something like top 6 next yr... More if Lucas adds value or Thorne comes back.

Lose tonight and games like Penn State, finish 13th, then next year feels like 9th/10th.
following gamecast on ESPN...... NU dunk or layup or miss; UI miss 3 ptr or make 3 pt shot. Same ol same ol.......
Hill, Austin, Morgan, Finke, and DJ isn't our best lineup
San Francisco
Groce's offense is offensive...

What is his offense? I think I saw like 10 straight possessions where the ball never crossed the three point line. The other team doesn't even break a sweat guarding us.
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