Game Thread: Illinois at Penn State

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I'm excited!

But at the risk of looking a gift horse in the mouth, I'm curious how Ayo was able to come back so quickly from that injury.

Back to being excited! Let's goooooo!!
Crossed my mind too. A week, after what that looked like.....must be nice to be 19/20. (Sigh)

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I like how we’re running so far. Don’t get trapped in our terrible half court offense
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Quick second foul on Kofi. Too bad, he seemed to be getting into a rhythm.
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I actually do love it when the announcers talk half as much...
I get so irrationally upset when Kofi and Giorgi miss bunnies.
I think we all feel the same way. We probably leave between 6-8 points on the floor with missed bunnies plus another 8-10(recently) on free throws. It adds up.

Fingers crossed that we see a lot of jams(for our guys).
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It's good that some old fashioned teams still use a fullback. Wait.....what sport is this?
Wow fascinated listening to the Coaches! Horrible tap foul called on Kofi. Changes whole game and flow. Happens all the time in Big10, Sucks.
Georgi is Horrible Defensively. I would think he'd be better at almost 2years in program. Go Illini!!!
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I kind of like the commercial free part.
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