Game Thread: Illinois at Wisconsin

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Literally the one call that goes our way gets reviewed because we are in the last 2:00 because of a rule that came about that cost us a trip to the sweet 16.

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Too many turnovers, can't make shots and getting homered by the refs equals a loss
Still happy to see DJW playing so much. I am really interested to see his jump next year.
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That half circle is the dumbest rule in basketball. I mean to say that a charge can't happen inside that area is absurd.

To basically say that a defender has no right to be in place inside the circle for a second while an offensive barrels in with his shoulder is insane. Add to that the Finke was never actually inside the circle until he got bowled over makes that call a travesty.
nunn never touched that ball out of bounds...
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You can blame the refs all you want and they suck but this is ALL on the Illini. They can't even run enough offense to hardly even get a shot off in the last 10 minutes. It is going to be a blowout in a game we were winning by 13 points at the 10:30 mark in the 2nd half. John needs to ride off into the sunset.

Bingo. This was the same movie we've been subjected to all year. I'd be interested to see how many 5+ minute scoring droughts UI has had this season and then add all of those droughts up versus the scoring runs the opponents went on. It would be sickening. Being subjected to the same problems over and over and over comes down to one thing: coaching.
And that slow motion replay shows Nunn didn't even touch it while he was out of bounds. Smh
i just can't believe that wasn't reviewed at all.
Love the fact that i rewatched the Nunn out of bounds call that TV Ted was so adamant about and of course Nunn was no where near the ball when he finally touched out of bounds. His feet were in the air.
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